Gonzaga Outdoors

South Hill Bluffs

South Hill Bluffs: South Hill, nestled in south Spokane, is a spaghetti system of interconnecting trails that can provide a different, fun ride each time out. The trails are sandy in places and...

Paddles and Pens: Two Weeks on the Missouri

Between the River and the Sky By: Madeline Hueske (’19)
Read about it HERE

Mt.Kit Carson

Mt. Kit Carson Hike: This set of trails offer amazing views of the surrounding Spokane area as well as some of local lakes. The trail takes you to creeks, numerous meadows and lush forest. During...

Iller Creek Loop

Iller Creek Loop: Iller Creek boasts a wonderful five mile loop consisting of lush shaded forest, climbing to a ridge with outstanding views of the Washington Palouse to the South and the Selkirks to the...

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