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Women in the Woods

I found her in the early morning hours as she groggily unraveled from her sleeping bag, caught sight of the sunrise and smiled


I found her in the restful ease of gazing at the mountains in their unblemished alpenglow


I found her in the physical strains of running steep tracks


I found her in the joys of a meal well prepared


I found her in the sturdy resilience of the golden larches


I found her as she tied knots and used gear she recalled struggling with once that now seemed second nature,

and I wondered how she became so proficient while I wasn’t looking


I found her admiring the magnitude and power of land to which she so proudly belonged


I found her in the surefootedness as she carried herself and her pack with grace along winding trails


I met a woman I thought I knew once, only stronger, calmer, with heart, instinct and joy

capitalized by the vast everything of nature’s sweet nothings.


Being surrounded by curious, strong, and compassionate women makes the outdoors a far more welcoming place.

It shows us a community of determination that beckons to us and challenges us.

This weekend we played in the snow, laughed, learned, and together explored what it means to be an outdoorswomen. 


Kacie Bell


Gonzaga Outdoors

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