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Green Bikes


**We are not currently renting Green Bikes. We will update the website when this program begins again. Thank you for your understanding. 

Our Green Bike Program is an opportunity for students to rent a commuter bike for a semester or the whole school year to get to and from campus or to work.  Green Bikes are donated bikes fixed up in our shop and spray painted Green. With each bike we include a U-Lock and a helmet as well as free repairs in our shop.  We conduct a lottery at the beginning of each semester as well typically have more applicants than bikes. To sign up for a green bike, email outdoors@gonzaga.edu or come talk to someone in the office in the first two weeks of the semester. We also rent out mountain bikes and day bikes for day or weekend use! 

Rental Pricing: 

Green Bike Cost per semester: $60

Green Bike Cost per year: $100

Mountain Bike: $12 for a day, $20 Weekends

Road Bike: $5 for a day, $10 Weekends 

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