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  • Mt. Kit Carson Hike: This set of trails offer amazing views of the surrounding Spokane area as well as some of local lakes. The trail takes you to creeks, numerous meadows and lush forest. During huckleberry season, you will you will be pleased to treat yourself to meadows of huckleberry bushes near the top! This mountain has many trails about, and there are many possibilities to link to trails on Mt. Spokane. Day Mountain peak is also one of the nicest places in Mt. Spokane State Park, a great place to stop for lunch.  Don’t forget your camera because the summit offers amazing views of Spokane valley, Mt. Spokane, and the surrounding area. For more info click here


  • Bowl and Pitcher Hike: Cross over the Spokane River on a scenic swinging bridge take in the view of giant basalt pillars in the river, one tall (the Pitcher) and one skinny (the Bowl).  Continue up the hill on the other side of the river into the shade of old growth pines and traverse along a plateau with a view of the river.  Take the first fork to the right and meet up with the river along a rocky and narrower section of trail.  The trail climbs steeply back out to the plateau where it meets up with a paved trail. Head back along a paved trail taking in the birds eye view of the river and the valley below.  Finally take the first left fork off the pavement to wind your way back to the swinging bridge. For more info click here


  • Scotchmans’s Peak Hike: This is a beautiful hike, but strenuous because it is so steep.  The well worn trail tread is usually in good shape and leads to the highest point in Bonner County, the top of Scotchman Peak.  This excellent trail starts off on a steep wooded hillside before breaking into some large switchbacks across the alpine hillside. Stunning panoramas of Lake Pend Oreille begin at “the meadows”, about two thirds of the way up and they continue to unfold as you reach the summit.  The peak looks over, and deep into, the rugged valleys and ridges of the Scotchman Peaks area.  Mountain goats are frequently encountered on the surrounding ridges and near the summit.  Snow lingers late into the summer of most years. For more info click here


  • Iller Creek Loop: Iller Creek boasts a wonderful five mile loop consisting of lush shaded forest, climbing to a ridge with outstanding views of the Washington Palouse to the South and the Selkirks to the North and East. In the middle of the hike one reaches the Big Rocks (Rocks of Sharon), one of the best rock climbing destinations in the area. The best way to do this hike is counterclockwise. Starting at the Holman Road trail, head stay right following the west side of Iller Creek. The creek bed is mostly dry by late summer. You immediately enter a cool shaded forest and climb very gradually. At one mile there is a fork. Stay right and start climbing more steeply. You’ll encounter another fork at approximately two miles. Again stay right. Unfortunately, signage is currently lacking.  A gradual switchbacking trail built by the WTA takes you back to your car. For more info click here


  • Liberty Lake Loop: This hike is best completed in a clockwise direction.  Views are infrequent, but shade is plentiful. High points include one of the last stands of old growth cedar in Spokane County and a year round waterfall which is very impressive during spring run off. Follow the valley floor for two miles and cross Liberty Creek twice on foot bridges before reaching the cedar grove. It is always cool and damp here. This then begins a serious switchbacking climb to the one major viewpoint of Liberty Lake and Mount Spokane to the north. This is a great place to stop, have a snack and enjoy the picturesque cascading water. The descent is on an old road, gradual at first, and then quite steep at the end. The trail then levels out in the valley floor and makes a sharp turn to the right. Cross Liberty Creek on a log bridge to rejoin the valley trail about 0.5 miles from the trailhead. For more info click here


  •  Mineral Ridge Loop:  Mineral Ridge is a relatively easy hike making it ideal for half-day trips or diverse hiking parties. This trail is perfect for history and nature buffs, often referred to as a “classroom in the forest”, there are over 22 stations providing descriptions and information about Mineral Ridge, it’s history and the wildlife that you will find there. Most of your time will be spent climbing although the trail switchbacks generously so it is never too steep. There are benches placed along the path for those who want to rest their legs or just sit and enjoy the scenery. The trail gains the ridge and then traverses out to a point overlooking Lake Coeur d’ Alene with beautiful scenery. This look trail then descends slowly back to the parking lot. This is a fun, easy hike, with gorgeous views, to do with friends that is fairly convenient to campus. For more info click here


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