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Mineral Ridge

Mineral Ridge Loop:  Mineral Ridge is a relatively easy hike making it ideal for half-day trips or diverse hiking parties. This trail is perfect for history and nature buffs, often referred to as a...

Liberty Lake

Liberty Lake Loop: This hike is best completed in a clockwise direction.  Views are infrequent, but shade is plentiful. High points include one of the last stands of old growth cedar in Spokane...

Iller Creek Loop

Iller Creek Loop: Iller Creek boasts a wonderful five mile loop consisting of lush shaded forest, climbing to a ridge with outstanding views of the Washington Palouse to the South and the Selkirks to the...

Category - Hiking

Lots of Gonzaga Students have the skills and desire to plan their own trips. This is AWESOME.

Gonzaga Outdoors can help you with gear rentals, maps, guidebooks, and beta on trips. Come visit the Hemm office if you need any assistance!

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