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South Hill Bluffs

South Hill Bluffs: South Hill, nestled in south Spokane, is a spaghetti system of interconnecting trails that can provide a different, fun ride each time out. The trails are sandy in places and...

Hall Mountain

Hall Mountain: This challenging ride boast spectacular scenery and great singletrack riding. You can see into Idaho and British Columbia from the top of Hall Mountain. There is also a good possibility of...

Riverside Mountain Biking

Riverside Mountain Bike: Riverside State Park contains 8,000 acres of prime recreation land in the middle of Spokane. The area is crisscrossed with miles of trails, most of which are open to mountain bikes...

Category - Biking

Lots of Gonzaga Students have the skills and desire to plan their own trips. This is AWESOME.

Gonzaga Outdoors can help you with gear rentals, maps, guidebooks, and beta on trips. Come visit the Hemm office if you need any assistance!

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