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GUOUT-HIKE19GUOUT841163Photo-Backpack Trip (10.17-10.19)

We will be backpacking to Lake Ingalls surrounded by scenery like Mt Stuart, Mt Rainier, and Mt Adams. This is labelled as a photo backpacking trip so it is advised to bring some sort of camera! It doesn’t matter if your camera is a camera phone, disposable camera, professional camera, or gopro. Bring it along for awesome views and we can teach you some photography tips as we hike along.


GUOUT-MISC7GUOUT104375Leavenworth Bouldering (10.17-18)

Hey Zags! What are you doing Founders Day weekend? CLIMBING THATS WHAT! Come join GU Outdoors for a weekend of bouldering in the most beautiful place ever! Leavenworth, WA! All experience levels welcome! It’ll be an awesome weekend exploring the Icicle Creek canyon and all the great climbing spots it has to offer. The trip will leave at 7:00am on Saturday and return to campus at 5:00pm Sunday camping in Leavenworth in between. Sign up to come experience one of the best trips ever!




Hells Canyon Difficult Backpack (10.17-10.19)

Fellow backpacking enthusiasts and enthusiasts in training. Need something to do on Founders day weekend? Come join us on our epic advanced backpacking trip. We will be driving out to Hells Canyon in Idaho, jet boat in to Sheep Landing, and backpack out 14 miles over 3 days. Get stoked for lovely canyon times on the river and trail!

GUOUT-HIKE11GUOUT1130218Stanley Hot Springs (10.17-10.19)

Who wants to go backpacking? Never been? Been a lot? Well this is the perfect backpacking trip to go on for new and old timers because Stanley HOT SPRINGs is our destination!! From Oct. 17-19 we will hike, camp, and soak in the hot springs. It’s going to be a rad weekend!


Stanley Hot SpringsBOYS Backpacking Trip (10.24-25)

Dear boys of Gonzaga, Do you often find yourself asking if you are tranquil as a forest, as swift as a coursing river, have the strength of a raging fire? Well regardless of if you do or do not you should sign up for Gonzaga Outdoors VERY FIRST ALL BOYS TRIP. In which we will be backpacking and making men out of each other. Our trip will include backpacking a moderate trail to the famous Stanley Hot Springs in the Bitterroot mountains of Idaho. It is going to be a terrific time!


ADVANCE FOR WEEKEND EDITIONS SEPT. 7-8 -- A moonlit hiker crosses a ridge near the summit of Mt. Ashland near Ashland, Ore., in July, 1996, during a full moon. (AP Photo/Mail Tribune, Bob Pennell)

Full Moon Beacon Hill Hike (10.27)

Love hiking? Love the moon? Love cool people? Then the full moon hike is for YOU!! Come take a study break and hang out with us on Tuesday, October 27 for a sweet hike and even sweeter friends!

(AP Photo/Mail Tribune, Bob Pennell)


Spooky Haunted Hike (10.31)

Are you afraid of the dark? Do you like to get scared? Come join us on a spooky hike to Manresa Grotto on the Kalispel Indian Reservation on Halloween night. We will stop in the grotto to all share stories of some chilling spooky encounters and who knows… maybe we will get a visit from more ghostly friends along the way.