Driving Distance: 12min (5.2 mi)


Trail Distance:  varies

Elevation Gain: varies

Difficulty (1-5): 1

Permit(s) Required: None

Description: For a shorter and more urban snowshoe, head up to the South Hill and hike along the bluff.  All along the road are pull outs and trail heads.  You cannot get lost in this park because you hike down any trails until you see the golf course down below and then head back up any trail to your car.  If you happen to come out of the park away from your car, you can head back down on the trails or walk High Drive.  The South Hill always gets quite a bit of snow compared to Gonzaga and makes for a beautiful view of West Spokane. If you just want to get out for an hour or two and breathe some fresh air, head up to the South Hill!

Guide Review:  This is a fun snowshoe or winter hike to do that is very close to campus.  It can be done as a day trip or as a quick afternoon or morning outing.  This park offers a network of trails so you can go as far or short as you like.  You can chose flat trails that follow the contours of the bluff or you can hike off the side, down and back up to your car. Spokane‚Äôs South Hill has many neat coffee shops, consider stopping by a coffee shop on your way back to campus for a warm drink!

-Hailey F.

Gear List:

  • Waterbottle
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Rain Jacket
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Waterproof Hiking Boots
  • Gaiters
  • Snowshoes
  • Poles
  • Camera

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