Driving Distance: 2hr 16min (106)


Trail Distance:  7 mi

Elevation Gain: 3,713 ft

Difficulty (1-5): 3

Permit(s) Required: None

Description:  This is a beautiful hike, but strenuous because it is so steep.  The well worn trail tread is usually in good shape and leads to the highest point in Bonner County, the top of Scotchman Peak.  This excellent trail starts off on a steep wooded hillside before breaking into some large switchbacks across the alpine hillside. Stunning panoramas of Lake Pend Oreille begin at “the meadows”, about two thirds of the way up and they continue to unfold as you reach the summit.  The peak looks over, and deep into, the rugged valleys and ridges of the Scotchman Peaks area.  Mountain goats are frequently encountered on the surrounding ridges and near the summit.  Snow lingers late into the summer of most years.

Guide Review: Coming

Gear List:

  • Waterbottle (bring lots, in the summer this is a dry, hot hike)
  • Small First Aid Kit
  • Rain Jacket (October-May)
  • Fleece Jacket
  • Good Hiking Shoes
  • Camera

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