Gonzaga Outdoors

Tate Schumm

I am from Denver Colorado and followed both my sister and brother out here to Gonzaga. Both of them encouraged me to get involved in the outdoors program because they both worked for the program and I also shared the same love they did for the outdoors. Skiing is without a doubt my favorite outdoor activity, but when there is no snow I enjoy almost all other things outdoors like hiking, mountain-biking, and body surfing in the ocean. (Although that can be a bit difficult living in Colorado) My goals in life are to eventually buy a bus and become a full time ski bum and spend my time traveling. The sad part is I’m not joking about that. My spirit animal is probably a whale just because I’m short so naturally I relate with one of the biggest animals there is. Lastly, and most importantly, I am the better of the two Schumm brothers.


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