Gonzaga Outdoors

Maddie Grossman

Wassup everyone! My name is Maddie and I am a member of the class of 2020. I am a sociology psychology major, and I am from Denver, Colorado. I would compare myself to a marmot because of my love of mountains and my tendency to bark loudly at people. Growing up surrounded by the incredible Colorado Rockies has driven me to fall in love with being outside. The activity that I find myself doing almost every weekend is hiking, but I also love to rock climb, do yoga, ski, backpack, hammock basically anything. I am in the process of learning a lot of new activities and I hope to be constantly adding new things to my resume for a long long time. The outdoors have become a sanctuary for me, and have pushed me to build some of the best relationships I have ever had here at GU through the Gonzaga Outdoors program. You will most likely see me leading a lot of camping, hiking and backpacking trips, and hopefully some rock climbing trips as well. I’ll see you rad people out there!

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