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Lisa DePledge

IMG_0010Hello there! My name is Lisa DePledge, and I am from the promise land that is Spokane, Washington! I have a strange passion for science and am majoring in biochemistry, class of 2018. I have always had a deep love and appreciation for the outdoors. My favorite activity probably ever is trail running! I love exploring and finding hidden beautiful sights on my own two feet. I also love dabbling in random or new activities! Some of my favorites are yoga hikes, camping under the stars, and backpacking. Also, the winter can’t tie me down! You can find me “shredding the kan” (Mt. Spokane, on a snowboard, or occasionally skis), winter running, or building a snowman! I think adventures are a sweet way to experience the divine masterpiece that God created, and they are my favorite way to spend time with friends! So put on your exploring shoes and come on an adventure with me!IMG_6525 IMG_0058

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