Gonzaga Outdoors

Elise Counsell

Howdy GU! My name is Elise and I am a Zag in the class of 2021, born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts. I would consider my spirit animal to be a kangaroo because I am from a far away land and am constantly bouncing around with energy while flailing my long limbs. My favorite state I’ve adventured in is Maine since it’s where I grew to love hiking, snowboarding, kayaking, ATVing, canoeing, and snowmobiling. I also enjoy climbing, star-gazing, campfires with mellows, waterfall chasing, and Half-Baked Ben&Jerry’s ice cream! I’ve gone on a handful of GU Outdoors trips my freshman year but the one that stands out as my favorite is the Women in the Woods trip. I am beyond stoked to start exploring the beautiful Pacific Northwest with y’all and cannot wait to make countless rad memories! 

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