Gonzaga Outdoors

Dave Gilbert

I love all aspects of the outdoors whether it’s high adventure or just reading a book at the end of a mellow trail. (although I have less time for the latter since I have 2 boys now). I grew up spending a lot of time outdoors as a kid. Had a giant rock in the backyard we would play on. Like the size of a football field and as high as three stories in places. It was awesome. I camped a fair amount, went backpacking and fishing. In college I started leading outdoor trips for the city of Spokane. Later I worked at REI and at a summer camp in Yellowstone Nat’l Park. I’ve been working at Gonzaga Outdoors in some capacity since 2009. I work as one of two full time folks here at the program and have had the awesome opportunity to get lots of experience and certifications. I love sharing the outdoors with students at GU, expanding their horizons, and setting them up with hobbies for life. See you out there!

Favorite Trip: To pick a favorite trip is pretty tough, but one of my favorites is the spring break trip to Moab. It’s a huge undertaking, but it’s truly a life-list trip and involves a lot of activities. Some high-intensity, and some really mellow. Love it down there.

Spirit animal:  marmot.

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