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Hey there, goons! My name is Celia O’Flaherty and I am from the good ol’ Show-Me-State, Missouri. I am a senior studying Special Education and Entrepreneurship and I play club lacrosse. In my free time, I like to follow squirrels around, pretend I know how to play guitar and make people uncomfortable by wearing sandals year round. Moving to Washington for college was a magical time in my life, for I was exposed to a whole new world of outdoorsy-awesomeness I had never experienced before. It was here that I discovered my true passion for anything and everything nature-related, especially hiking, biking and rock climbing. Even more so though, I was exposed to the wonderful outdoors community (that means YOU!) and realized that life is just that much better when you share it with friends.  So, come adventure with me!

“People are just people, awkward and alive”- Slam Donahue

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