Gonzaga Outdoors

Callie Brewster

Wassaap zags! My name is Callie Brewster, I’m from Denver, Colorado and I’m studying mechanical engineering here at GU! When I’m not wasting away in the library I love to get outside and spend time camping, climbing, hammock wallowing, mountain meadow frolicking, skiing with DIN set to full send, hurtin’ for a yurtin’, eating unidentifiable berries, and trying to fit the Catan Expansion Set into my day pack. I’ve been lucky enough to go on some pretty cool trips with GU outdoors, but the best one yet has been the Women in the Woods winter hut trip. One of the coolest things I’ve ever done was win a pancake eating contest. I’m super stoked to make some make some rad mems with you all. COME HANG OUT WITH ME.


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