Gonzaga Outdoors

Anna Belinski

Hello there! My name is Anna Belinski and I am a class of 2020 Environmental Studies major from Aspen, Colorado! My favorite things to do outside are to hike, backpack, raft and ski (nordic and downhill), but I also dabble in rock climbing, mountain biking, fishing, and canyoneering. Going on trips with GU Outdoors has helped me forge some great friends and given me a great, easy way to get out of the city and into the mountains. My most memorable GU Outdoors trip was a Mindfulness Retreat up in the Cascades my freshman year. We hiked, camped, reflected on our experiences and GU and just life in general, ate some delicious, local food and thoroughly enjoyed each other’s company.

My spirit animal is the Pika! A small population of resilient little furry friends who live high in the mountains in cold temperatures, and are a clear voice in the effects of climate change!

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