Gonzaga Outdoors

Alyssa Oddi

What’s up my name is Alyssa Oddi, I’m studying Sociology and Psychology and I was raised as a typical California beach kid just north of Los Angeles. Though I spent most of my childhood in the ocean, I lived to camp and would escape to the mountains whenever I could. I love to backpack, climb, paddle, and am always looking for a good cliff to perch on. If I am not basking in the sunshine or climbing trees, I am working on a craft of some sort, especially fiber art. I took a spirit animal quiz when I was in 2nd grade that told me I was a spider, and at the time I thought it was lame, but have since grown a deep connection to them. I hope to combine my love for the outdoors and people and become a wilderness therapist after school. I am most grateful for the blissful silliness and joy that the disconnection of the outdoors provides, and am beyond stoked to provide a space for meaningful relationships while exploring the wild!


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