Gonzaga Outdoors Mission Statement:

For the benefit of the Gonzaga community, Gonzaga Outdoors uses the transformative properties of outdoor adventures to foster friendship, instill confident outdoor skills, provide opportunities for leadership development and promote an ethic of conservation and stewardship. We do this because of the deeply rooted sense of respect and awe that we feel for the outdoors that we wish to share.

Gonzaga Outdoors Important Values:

  • Use sound judgment to conduct a safe program.
  • Value the risks inherent in what we do and actively manage those risks
  • Provide a safe inclusive environment.
– Seek to find a sense of place.
  • Provide the space for leadership development.
  • Our playground is the natural world. Be proactive in preserving and restoring it.
  • Fun, professionalism and learning are not mutually exclusive.


*If you have any questions about our Mission and Values please contact us.*